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A May 2004 trip to Yellowstone National Park by LA guy

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Quote: Having been fascinated by the geysers, springs, and waterfalls of Yellowstone, visiting the park proved to be one of my most memorable experiences.

Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park Photo, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
We began by visiting the numerous hot springs that dotted the landscape. From pink springs, to mud springs, to hot springs, to sulfur springs, we lingered around each bubbling spring, thoroughly amazed by the spectrum of springs this geologic park has to offer. Our second stop began at the Grand Yellowstone Lodge, a ruggedly designed resort that also houses a restaurant and gift shop. Touring the hotel was more like a time-killer though, because it was located just yards away from Old Faithful, making this a perfect place to wait for the geyser to go off. As the time approached, we rushed to the rim to get a close up. We were barely able to contain our excitement when a loud boom thundered a...Read More

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Yellowstone National Park
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