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Canyonlands National Park

A November 2005 trip to Moab by LA guy

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Quote: Canyonlands is the neighboring park to Arches. While it doesn't enjoy a reputation like that of Grand Canyon, we found the canyons within this part to be superb to Grand Canyon.

Moab Brewery


We dined at Moab Brewery because it is the most prominent restaurant in town. The restaurant is medium sized, and can seat about 100-150 people. There is also a small gift shop, where you can purchase T-shirts, mugs, and various tours. The atmosphere of the restaurant is that of outdoor adventure, as everywhere in the restaurant, there were canoes, flyers, boats, bikes, etc., hanging from the ceiling or attached to the wall. Since this is a brewery, after all, there is a bar area where you can drink some of the locally brewed beers. As for the menu, it is of typical American cuisine, with sandwiches and steaks as main cours...Read More

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Moab Brewery
686 S Main Street
Moab, Utah
(435) 259-6333

Touring Canyonlands

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With one look at Canyonlands, I wonder why it doesn't enjoy a more significant reputation. Whereas the Grand Canyon was just big, Canyonlands was more intimate. With less crowds and closer viewpoints, it was much easier to appreciate the geological process at work here, creating the delicate buttes, canyons, rivers valleys, that made up the canyons within this park. Canyonlands was vast, with a 18-mile scenic road that runs north to south. As we drove from one viewpoint to another, it was like getting a first-hand experience in canyon-making. Looking down into the canyons, we could easily see how giant floods in the past swept across the riverbed, creating a basin. Then, later on, a river ...Read More