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Kodachrome State Park

A November 2005 trip to Utah by LA guy

Kodachrome Basin State Park Photo, Page, Arizona More Photos
Quote: Kodachrome, named after Kodak, is one of Utah's state parks within the Grand Circle. The park is most famous for its magma tubes rising out of the earth.

Kodachrome Basin State Park

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Kodachrome Basin State Park Photo, Page, Arizona
Kodachrome is located near Bryce and lies directly on the path towards Grand Staircases/Escalante National Park. Entrance fee is a very reasonable $5 per vehicle. It is a small park with a scenic drive that is only about 5 miles long. All activities can be completed within a day.The park is divided into two sections, the east "Arches" section, and the north/south, "sand pipes". We didn't tour the "arches" as the road was unpaved. However, we did drive the main road all the way up until we arrived at the trailhead of Eagle View Trail, where a camp site was near. Then we drove back down the main road, taking in the sights and took a few pictures as we worked our way back towards the entrance. The one...Read More

Kodachrome Basin State Park
12 Miles South of Utah Route 12
Cannonville and Page, Arizona