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Kolob Canyon/Zion

A November 2005 trip to Zion National Park by LA guy

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Quote: Kolob Cayon is a small side canyon that is a part of the Zion National Park. It is easily accessible from Highway 15 and is every bit as beautiful as Zion proper, although on a much smaller scale.

Kolob Canyons

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How the Grand Circle is usually embarked on, in a clockwise direction, our first stop was St. George, Utah, a 6-hour drive from LA. Since we arrived on schedule with a couple of hours of sunlight to spare, we drove farther up Highway 15 and started our Grand Circle Tour by visiting the Kolob Canyon, a small side canyon located on the northwest corner of Zion. There is only one main canyon along the short 5-mile drive, which lines most of the left/west side of the road. Since it is Zion after all, the canyon has the same beautiful pinkish hue found in the main Zion Canyon. There are several view points along the drive, with the upper parking lot the most scenic of them all, as it looks over to the west...Read More

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Kolob Canyons
2 miles from Interstate 15
Zion National Park, Utah