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Antelope Canyon/Slot Canyon

A November 2005 trip to Page by LA guy

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Quote: Antelope Canyon is the most famous slot canyon in the Southwest. We decided to visit this canyon on our second time out to Glen Canyon/Lake Powell area.

Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas

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Hotel | "Lake Powell Resort"

Lake Powell Resort is the "new" resort within Lake Powell. It was once the "Whaweap Lodge" but has been bought by Armarak within the last 3 years since my last stay there. And since its change of ownership, the Lake Powell Resort has also gone through a small facelift where new planted trees, flowers, and paint made this place look more inviting.Lake Powell Resort is located right next to the Whaweap Marina. And as such, one can easily stroll down the ramp and get very close to the riverbank. It contains four or so complexes, and each houses around 50 units, divided into lake view or parking lot view.Our room was lake view, so the view was unbeatable. We had...Read More

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Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas
100 Lakeshore Drive
Page, Arizona 86040
(800) 528-6154

Touring Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon Photo, Page, Arizona
Visiting Antelope Canyon is expensive. However, it's worth the price of admission. It is expensive because the canyon resides in Indian reservations and Navajo laws dictates that all visitors to the canyon not only have to pay the $6 per person entrance fee but have to purchase a guided tour from a local tour company, which usually runs for $20, more if you want to visit both the upper and lower canyons. We purchased such tour from an Indian-run company and rode a modified Jeep through a very bumpy ride to the canyon, about 20 minutes outside of Page. Antelope Canyon is actually different than I had expected. The entrance was nothing but a crack in a giant sandstone rock. However, once we ...Read More