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Natural Bridges National Monument

A November 2005 trip to Utah by LA guy

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Quote: Natural Bridge is a small park located close to Blanding, UT. While it's not substantial enough to warrant a dedicated trip there, if you are in the area, it does offer a few attractions that will make a wonderful afternoon side trip.

Touring Natural Bridges

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Within the 9-mile scenic drive within Natural Bridges, there are three major attractions that make up this national monument. The first is the Sipapu Bridge, the second is the Kachina Bridge, and the last is the Owachomo Bridge. As with the name "Bridge" each is formed by millions of years of water erosion. As we drove on the scenic drive, each bridge has a convinient overlook thats located just within a few hundred feet of the parking area. On each overlook, there is a detailed poster describing the dimensions of each bridge. The three bridges are described as one of the largest in the world. We didn't have the time to embark on the trails that lead to each bridge to view them up and close. Howeve...Read More