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Niš - A Wonderful First Step into Serbia

Written by fizzytom on 10 Oct, 2010

As our bus crossed the border from Bulgaria and ploughed onwards through Serbia, I fell in love with the country a little more with each passing mile. I watched stout old ladies in their headscarves and voluminous gathered skirts picking fruit from trees in their…Read More

-15C Belgrade Serbia, A City Rising out of the Ashes

Written by Autumngolightly on 19 Dec, 2009

Everyone knows of the War between Belgrade and Sarejevo, But now peaceful whats happening?I came here from Budapest on December 18, 2009 and am staying with a friend Dajana. I cant read Cyrillic and had trouble contacting my friend as the train was 2 hours…Read More

Belgrade... Party... Partizan!

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Beograd or Belgrade (not sure why it's down as Belgrad!) is the Serbian capital city. Noisy and hectic, it's without doubt the most bustly of the cities in the Balkans (except possibly Bucharest). Belgrade is a pleasant surprise and has become more popular in recent…Read More

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Wedding at Saborna crkva

Written by ucrnojgori on 17 May, 2005

My husband and I were strolling through Belgrade’s old town, Kosančićev venac, wanting to see one of the most important Orthodox churches in Belgrade and Serbia, the Saborna crkva, or in English, the Orthodox Cathedral. The church (circa 1840) itself is simply gorgeous –…Read More

Where to stay in Budva

Written by BOKI on 14 Nov, 2000

Accommodations in Budva can most easily be found at some highly rated and expensive hotels. Hotel AVALA and Hotel MOGREN are right next to Old Town. Hotel complex SLOVENSKA PLAZA is close by and includes a string of restaurants, boutiques, playgrounds and more. Budva…Read More

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Written by BOKI on 13 Nov, 2000

Budva is Yugoslavia's top beach resort. The highlight of the city is its medieval fortress inside which narrow streets wind their way through cozy neighborhoods, past churches, restaurants and taverns. After viewing the churches, old houses and the maritime museum, stop at CASPERCAFFE for a…Read More

General Life Here

Written by angie cadie on 12 Mar, 2003

The effects of war were really brought down to earth after the visit. The friendly people that we met were so kind to us, and I could not stand to think that our country had bombed them in the previous years. One very…Read More

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Written by BOKI on 14 Nov, 2000

For an exciting day trip away from the coast, and a dose of Montenegrin history, head to Mt Lovcen. The mountain is a national park, and at its summit, reached after a brisk hike is the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, a famous ruler…Read More

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Written by BOKI on 14 Nov, 2000

On the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, Kotor's old town is a magnificant city. Must-see sites are the churches of St. Tryphon and St. Luke. Tour the old city, grab a cold beer at any of the taverns lining the many city plazas,…Read More

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Sveti Stefan

Written by BOKI on 13 Nov, 2000

South-east of Budva is Sveti Stefan, a remarkable old fishing village turned hotel. The hotel is expensive, but the town is worth a look. Nearby is the King's Beach, site of the Yugoslav royal family's resort complex called Milocer.…Read More

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