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The effects of war were really brought down to earth after the visit. The friendly people that we met were so kind to us, and I could not stand to think that our country had bombed them in the previous years. One very helpful man at the electrical scrap shop told us of the car factory being bombed and how the bombs came down on the town like rain. This still brings a tear to my eye to think what kind of suffering these poor people (our new friends) had suffered. I also realised how much we take things for granted back home - everything in this town is recycled, from materials to electrical parts; nothing goes to waste. All the food is also grown organically, and there are no overweight people in this town to be seen - the junk food thing hasn't taken off here yet. The people are also really hardworking for the little they get paid to live on, but from the impression we got, they are happy with the way they live and carry on to the best they can after the war.

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