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Age Range: 18-24  |  Joined: July 2008

Warsaw, Poland

Oh no! I've left my knickers at home!!

About Me: I want to visit every country and I really enjoy hitchhiking!

Trip Journals by dangaroo

Name Destination Date Created
Food, drink and sleep in Zakopane Zakopane, Poland April 05, 2013
The Surgeon's Bill Cambridge, England December 02, 2012
Flying to the Middle East and back the long way Sharjah, United Arab Emirates November 27, 2012
Airports in Italy Italy, Europe November 26, 2012

Reviews by dangaroo

Name Destination Date Written
Jumping off Giewont Zakopane, Poland March 24, 2013
Falling down drunk Zakopane, Poland March 24, 2013
Mountain burgers Zakopane, Poland March 13, 2013
The Easiest Path in the Tatry High Tatras, Slovakia March 10, 2013

Stories and Tips by dangaroo

Name Destination Date Written
Zakopane in general Zakopane, Poland March 24, 2013
Packed it, Buked it.. ****** off! Bukowina Tatrzanska, Poland March 10, 2013
Forli but not for me! Forli, Italy January 14, 2013
Getting to and from Cambridge Cambridge, England December 18, 2012

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More About dangaroo

I travel because...
I'm always curious what is over the horizon
I love to travel to...
Brasov (Romania), Vilnius (Lithuania), Sanliurfa (Turkey), Cairo (Egypt)
I never forget to pack...
boxer shorts!
My weirdest travel habit is...
Losing my bank card quite in odd locations
It's my dream to travel to...
Indonesia, Tibet, Kamchatka, Uganda
When I'm not traveling...
I am teaching English in Poland and writing about travel
I also travel online at...
Dooyoo, Ciao, Trivago