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Where to stay in Budva

Accommodations in Budva can most easily be found at some highly rated and expensive hotels. Hotel AVALA and Hotel MOGREN are right next to Old Town. Hotel complex SLOVENSKA PLAZA is close by and includes a string of restaurants, boutiques, playgrounds and more. Budva also has a Youth Hostel, though rooms may be hard to find at peek season times.

A better bet for budget travelers is to head south 2 miles to Becici. Here too, a number of higher priced hotels offer fine accommodations. Hotels include MONTENEGRO, BELLEVUE, SPLENDID and MEDTERAN. Just across the street, however, is a 400-site camping complex, where the great location and easy access to the beach can be enjoyed at very low prices.

Further south down the Becici beach is the community of Rafailovici, which offers a number of B&B style private accommodations. This is one of the best ways to stay on the Adriatic. Rooms for rent are available all up and down the Yugoslav coast (just look for the signs), and a great way to experience local lifestyle and cuisine at an affordable price.

More budget accommodations can be found further south towards the city of Bar. The beach of Buljarica is home to several good campgrounds.

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