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Belgrade... Party... Partizan!

Beograd or Belgrade (not sure why it's down as Belgrad!) is the Serbian capital city. Noisy and hectic, it's without doubt the most bustly of the cities in the Balkans (except possibly Bucharest). Belgrade is a pleasant surprise and has become more popular in recent years, behind the sprawl is a nice centre with a good collection of cafe's, pubs and restaurants. The nightlife is cracking and after years of trouble, Serbs just want to have fun. No one parties in Europe like a Serb.
Hot els/Hostels

The first time I visited there were no hostels, now there is a huge amount of them. Any of them will do, Three Black Catz is highly recommended. I used to stay at the Hotel Royal, a 3 star gaff in the vicinity of the Kalemagdan fortress that will set you back about 10 pounds a night, the restaurant is a lively place and each evening the Serbian guests have an enormous drunken singalong and party downstairs and invite people to join.


As I mentioned before, Belgrade is very much a party city.. most of the clubs are on the barges along the Sava and Danube rivers. The Irish pub - The Three Carrots, is the place you want to be watching for watching sport. There is also a bohemian district in the old part of town called Skadarlija. Here you'll find poets, artists (read: drunkards!), small cosy pubs and a great brewery. On the way home from any night out in Belgrade, make sure you visit one of the many 24 hour bakeries and buy yourself a fresh pizza or better yet some burek.

Sightseein g

Several amazing structures stand in Beograd, namely the Parliament building, Cathedral of Saint Sava, The Old Palace, Beli Dvor, The National Assembly and the National Museum. Kalemegdan is a nice park & fort, where you can easily spend a couple of hours resting. Prince Michael street may be of interest but is your standard main street in any Central European city! Novi Beograd across the river had (I can't be sure that it's still there), a famous Chinese market where you could buy plenty of copied goods at cheap prices, there is also the Eternal Flame monument in memory of the Nato Bombing of the RTS. There are also several islands in the rivers that have great nature.


Well connected to Sofia, Istanbul, Skopje, Athens, Budapest, Novi Sad, Bar (Montenegro), Zagreb and Germany by train and any number of destinations across the Former Yugoslav countries by bus as well as the rest of Europe with Eurolines.

Local Transport
Regular inspections, means it makes sense to buy a ticket from a kiosk. Not enough electricity for the trolley buses to run was a regular occurance. I'm not sure how it is these days.

General Info

Serbs in general have a good command of the English knowledge and are well educated, you might want to avoid being too judgemental about the war as it's a complicated subject and Serbs are proud people. You will find that many a Macedonian, Croatian and Bosnian come to Belgrade for the weekend due to the nightlife, cheap prices and common language. Partizan OR Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) are the local football teams, be careful in which company you show a preference for what team?!

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