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Wedding at Saborna crkva

Saborna crkva Photo, Belgrade, Serbia

My husband and I were strolling through Belgrade’s old town, Kosančićev venac, wanting to see one of the most important Orthodox churches in Belgrade and Serbia, the Saborna crkva, or in English, the Orthodox Cathedral. The church (circa 1840) itself is simply gorgeous – white classic-style church with colorful mosaics decorating its western façade. To our surprise, we arrived just in time to the start of a wedding ceremony. Living in the area for a year now, we have come to know that a caravan of honking decorated cars is common place for such a festivity, but there is something about weddings that always makes it special and exciting. It was fabulous – the bride, groom, and a handful of other guests piled out of the decorated cars. The wedding caravan, maybe seven cars long, extended across the block and through one of the major intersections in town. Other motorists seemed to be pretty patient at first – it was a wedding, after all – but after two turns of the lights, with no movement, other Belgraders seemed to be getting anxious and started honking their horns. This time the horns were not out of nuptial jubilation, but rather impatience. Everything worked out in the end. Soon enough, the wedding caravan had dispersed, and the church doors closed for the religious ceremony. It was definitely an interesting moment in time.

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