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Stories and Tips Taiwan

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Hiking Wulai Forest

Written by nmagann on 23 Jul, 2013

Wenquan Street passes Langshen Bridge where the hiking trail begins. At this same juncture is the tourism tram service. Originally used for transporting ore it now takes passengers a short distance while paralleling the Nanshi Creek and walking path. After snaking through…Read More

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Multi attractions so close together

Written by nmagann on 03 Jun, 2013

Bitan is the waterfront city that the MRT terminates and bus 849 whisks people to Wulai Hot Springs. This is an area worth perusing before or after visiting Wulai Waterfall and Hot Springs. Bitan Lake preserves its serenity and calmness in spite of being…Read More

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Moonlit Lighthouse

Written by nmagann on 03 Jun, 2013

Although the lighthouse itself can’t be visited, the area around it is worth a few visits at different times. During the day and being on the tip of a peninsula, looking inland you can see the highest points on the island rising upward.…Read More

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Don't say a word

Written by nmagann on 03 Jun, 2013

The tourism bureau at Taipei Main Station, across from EZStay Hostel, called to make arrangements for me per my request for a hostel on Green Island. At most accommodations, a 2 night, 2 day motor scooter rental with ferry boat passage was the typical…Read More

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Written by nmagann on 29 Oct, 2012

Kinmen Island or Jinmen on some maps was known as Quemoy back in the days when Taiwan was known as Formosa. A mere 60 minute ferry ride from the west side of Xiamen Island, China and 30 minutes from the east side, Kinmen Island…Read More

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Historic Walking Tour

Written by nmagann on 27 Oct, 2012

Jincheng offers a very nice self-guided walking tour that begins at the information center, which is conveniently located next to the bus station and entrance to the Civil Defense Tunnel. Although the map isn't in English, photos with the names of buildings are in…Read More

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Whew! A Place to Sleep.

Written by nmagann on 24 Oct, 2012

With map in hand pointing to Chinese characters meaning Wutong Pier to the taxi, I arrived at the ferry dock. Choosing a seat by a window, I realized all were too dirty to see out. A man sat down next to me and…Read More

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Paper Dome - my exotic AIESEC internship (:

Written by ho.siminn on 12 Jul, 2011

My official job role is an English tour-guide at Paper Dome, Taomi Village, Puli Township, Nantou, Central Taiwan for 7 weeks. However, my actual role is more than just that –photographer, blogger, internet marketer, basically a Taomi-Village evangelist. :D Taomi Village, where Paper Dome is…Read More

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Taipei's Warm Welcome

Written by nofootprint on 13 Sep, 2010

This was the very first visit we had to Asia and as jet lagged as we were, we set out to explore immediately on a 12hour layover, returning for an additional week on the way back from Australia.The first thing that struck us was how…Read More

2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Written by YouthTravelTaiwan on 04 Aug, 2009

I always said after taking 18-hour bus from Ankara to Trabzon in Turkey, 2006, I could always travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung since it's only around 5 hours drive. Yet, I had never done the traveling once. Tuesday, my screen popped up a MSN message…Read More

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