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Multi attractions so close together

Travel easy to springs Photo, Bitan, Taiwan

Bitan is the waterfront city that the MRT terminates and bus 849 whisks people to Wulai Hot Springs. This is an area worth perusing before or after visiting Wulai Waterfall and Hot Springs. Bitan Lake preserves its serenity and calmness in spite of being very popular. Hoards of paddle boats from plain versions to swans seating four people ply the water. The Karst caves on the other side not accessible by foot are quite a draw during the day while the regular fireworks display captivates during the evening.

Landlubbers enjoyed the waterfront dining along with live entertainment from teenagers’ break dancing to young ladies performing traditional fan dances to a local drum troupe playing. Large screens projected the shows to the ever increasing crowds.

Meanwhile, the photographers ventured out onto the suspension bridge to get a better view of everything. However, making the trek across the entire lengths of the bridge had its rewards. In addition to several temples, both Taoist and Buddhist, is Red Cliff. The latter scene looks very much like the Red Cliff of the Yangtze River area in Hubei. The surroundings and cliffs are very much a miniature version of the famous area.

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