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Paper Dome - my exotic AIESEC internship (:

Paper Dome Photo, Taichung, Taiwan

My official job role is an English tour-guide at Paper Dome, Taomi Village, Puli Township, Nantou, Central Taiwan for 7 weeks. However, my actual role is more than just that –photographer, blogger, internet marketer, basically a Taomi-Village evangelist. :D

Taomi Village, where Paper Dome is located, was a small agricultural village that was on the verge of decline. In 1999, it was badly damaged by the 921 earthquake but instead of wallowing in sorrow, the people of Taomi turned crisis into opportunity to not only re-build their hometown but also to re-brand it. The Taomi Village we see now prides itself as an eco-village, the model of environmental conservation in Taiwan. After being here for several weeks, I am inspired by the strength and resilience displayed by the villagers of Taomi and feel that I’m obliged to be its advocate, to spread the Taomi philosophy of co-existing with nature to the rest of the world. Whereas for the Paper Dome, it is a new addition to the village, its story spans across 2 earthquakes and is a symbol of love and mutual assistance between Japan and Taiwan.

Ever since, I’ve started an English blog to document my observations of Paper Dome and Taomi, as well as to advertise Taomi on the internet, especially the English-based tourism sites. This is especially because in this part of Taiwan, English is not a very pervasive language and there are not many that can speak it (I’m their only English tour-guide). I think it is a pity not to let the rest of the world be aware of this beautiful place and hence I love my job as a Taomi-Village-evangelist. :))

check out the blog that I did for them here: http://paperdome.blogspot.com/

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