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090416 Up with People in Taipei

Written by YouthTravelTaiwan on 15 Apr, 2009

90 Performers21 Countries1 VoiceI've noticed Up with People were coming to Taiwan, performing Broadway style musical in Taipei, Taichung and Miaoli. I felt interested but yet did not ask to get the ticket.Then, Mino told me that she knows the Business Manager, Matthew…Read More

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Going Marbles at Taroko Gorge

Written by Composthp on 18 Feb, 2007

If you have time to visit only one nature reserve, then head on to the Taroko National Park. Located in the township of Hualien, approximately 2 hours by train from Taipei, Taroko is considered to be Taiwan’s 8th most beautiful sight to behold. The main…Read More

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From Sunrise to Sunset: Alishan

Written by Composthp on 18 Feb, 2007

One of the must see and do for all visitors to Alishan, besides hiking that is; is to get up at the crack of dawn, brave the cold mountain air to view the sun rising above the sea of clouds over the Alishan mountain range.…Read More

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Kaohsiung's Local Feel

Written by cassidy90 on 20 Aug, 2003

I was on a ship at the time, so I didn't actually stay in any of the local hotels. I ate at many different restaurants and bars, but can't remember the names of most, and would be willing to bet that some are not…Read More

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Food Fun in Taipei

Written by maizedaisys on 27 Feb, 2007

I didn't go to Taipei for its food. I went there on a business trip. I figured the food would be typical of any of my other business trips, except that I would be eating in Chinese restaurants. I was glad I was wrong.I don't…Read More

Driving in Taipei

Written by Quan on 30 Dec, 2000

I don't know whether to consider myself lucky or unlucky to have driven Taipei's roads. If you don't want to miss the sights and want to avoid unnecessary headaches, then please do take taxis or public transportation or just walk. But if you…Read More

Visiting Tainan's Kwankung Temple

Written by Quan on 13 Jan, 2001

My friend's family lived in Tainan, so this was where we spent the most time--that is, two days. It is the best place to visit temples, though remember that the best ones are not on the main boulevards, but in alleyways. My friend…Read More

The Smelliest Delicasy in the World

Written by Mchaela on 27 Oct, 2002

For those in the know, I mean, of course, Cho Dofu (literally "stinky tofu"). This Taiwanese delicacy is sold from carts in many of the markets in Taipei. When I went to visit my friend, he made me promise to try everything.…Read More

Snakes for snacks

Written by emily2yu on 14 Apr, 2001

I can't even remember the name of the place -- probably "Good Fortune Something." It's an ordinary little cafe in all respects but one. I have no idea if it's still there. If so, it's easy enough to find on the South…Read More

American Food in Taiwan

Written by tcguide on 30 Nov, 2000

If you are an American traveler in Taiwan, don't worry about doing without your favorite American resturaunts in Taipei. Of course, I recommend you eating as many Chinese dishes as possible, but be reassured that there are American food establishments everywhere in the city. McDonald's,…Read More

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