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Moonlit Lighthouse

Cowry Shell Photo, Green Island, Taiwan

Although the lighthouse itself can’t be visited, the area around it is worth a few visits at different times. During the day and being on the tip of a peninsula, looking inland you can see the highest points on the island rising upward. There is even the occasional bleat to be heard from the wild goats. The bay created next to it comprises a large turquoise pool ideal for swimming and snorkeling as it is both shallow and calm. Oddly enough the pool itself doesn’t require traversing sharp coral or volcanic rock which surrounds it. However, walking in the sand at the edge of the sharp terrain or performing some gingerly walking on top of the sharp formations, you will be rewarded with brightly colored pieces of red and purple coral. The remains of slugs and crabs can be found in the form of cone shaped shells, cowries, and clams.

In the evening, the lighthouse is an ideal spot for viewing sunsets. How convenient that it is located on the west side of the island. The lack of artificial light makes it a good place for star gazing as well. During the full moon the setting was even more wonderful. The moon glistened off the water and then the light from the tower would swing around to make it seem unworldly.

Be advised it is windy and cool, particularly in the evening so a wind breaker would be advised. Then again, the time of year was late fall. That is fall, as in harvest moons. Better still, is that it is within walking distance of Chaikow, one of the nicer towns, if you will, to have accommodations.

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