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Let's be Friends - Youth Travel in Taiwan!

About Me: The ‘Taiwan Trekking for Young Travellers' website was created by the National Youth Commission (NYC) of Taiwan . The NYC is the government agency responsible for career development, business startups, civil society work, and voluntary service for young Taiwanese people aged between 18-35. The NYC is part of the Executive Yuan.
The NYC chairs the International Youth Travel Task Force under the Executive Yuan's Tourism Development Committee. The Task Force has drafted an Action Plan to Promote International Youth and Student Travel in Taiwan , which outlines policies to comprehensively assess and integrate current resources, and develop a complete framework for international youth travel in Taiwan . This website is part of the Action Plan.

The ‘Taiwan Trekking for Young Travellers' site is designed for young people thinking of touring Taiwan, or travellers already here who are looking for somewhere to go off the beaten track. You will find sections on destinations, events, transportation, accommodation, a survival guide, work and study, travel blogs, and community message boards.

For more information about the NYC, please visit our website:

Write or telephone us at:
Fl. 14, No. 5 Xuzhou Rd., Taipei , Taiwan 10055
Tel: 886-2-3322-5550

Or when you are in Taiwan , drop into our Youth Hub:
No. 31 Zhongxiao Rd. Section 1, Taipei
Tel: 886-2-3322-5550

Trip Journals by YouthTravelTaiwan

Name Destination Date Created
090412 Temple of Earth God Taipei, Taiwan April 13, 2009
Dajia Mazu International Festival Taiwan, Asia March 25, 2009
Yangmingshan National Park Taipei, Taiwan March 22, 2009
Journey to the East Hualien, Taiwan March 19, 2009

Reviews by YouthTravelTaiwan

Name Destination Date Written
Yangmingshan National Park Flower Season 2009 Taipei, Taiwan March 22, 2009
Julivilla 山月竹民宿 Hualien, Taiwan March 19, 2009
Tszeng Machi Shop 曾記麻薯 Hualien, Taiwan March 19, 2009
公正街包子店 Dumpling Shop Hualien, Taiwan March 19, 2009

Stories and Tips by YouthTravelTaiwan

Name Destination Date Written
2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Kaohsiung, Taiwan August 04, 2009
Buena Vista: The Havana Lounge Live in Taipei Taipei, Taiwan June 18, 2009
090523 MV Doulos Visit Keelung, Taiwan May 24, 2009
090508 La New Bears v.s. Brothers Elephants Taipei, Taiwan May 13, 2009

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