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Blown away by the Windy City

A June 2012 trip to Chicago by melissabowman

Hancock Building Observatory Photo, Chicago, Illinois More Photos
Quote: Several years ago IgoUgo took a trip for a get together in Chicago, I so badly wanted to go and never got the oppurtunity. This past summer we finally made it and we LOVED the city. We were blown away by it!! Fitting since its called the windy city!!

Hancock Building Observatory

Attraction | "High in the Sky"

Hancock Building Observatory Photo, Chicago, Illinois
The John Hancock Observatory is one of those places that should be on your must do when you come to Chicago. Used to the Sears Tower which has been renamed the Wills Tower was the must do sigh, but now it’s the JHO and I agree. The JHO has the only open air-sky walk in Chicago. You get a 360 degree view of the city and the lakes. The JHO is 1,000 feet in the sky and you ride an elevator for 40 seconds to get there, this building takes you higher than any other in Chicago. Once you take your quick ride in the sky you are able to get out and see the breathtaking views of Chicago. Also on this stop you will see an 80 foot wall filled with the history of the JHO and other buildings in the world t...Read More

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Hancock Building Observatory
875 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 751-3681

Art Institute of Chicago

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "A day of Art"

Art Institute of Chicago Photo, Chicago, Illinois
When we plan trips as a family we each pick a couple of things we really want to do. Of course since my boys are huge baseball lovers they picked the baseball related things. For me one of my must dos was the Art Institute. I am someone who loves to look at art and could spend all day doing it. Of course my favorite is the older stuff like Picasso, Monet, and Van Gough. When I looked up info on the Museum I found out that one of my other favorites was also the traveling art display, Roy Lichtenstein.I must start out by saying that the line to get into the art museum was pretty long. I think we waited outside for about 30 minutes. The wait was not bad, however it was a hot day in Chicago t...Read More

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Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60603
(312) 443-3600

Wrigley Field

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "Cubs game and stadium tour"

Wrigley Field Photo, Chicago, Illinois
By far the highlight of the trip. I married into a baseball family and my now 8 year old son loves baseball just as much. So being that I am surrounded around lots of baseball this was a real treat to me. Its one of the oldest original ball parks still used for Major league baseball. We went to a Sunday afternoon game. We arrived early and shopped the stores around the ballpark. We heard that it is best to get there when the gates open because kids can go out on the field to watch batting practice if they are one of the first 50. It was pretty impressive how many people show up 2 hours before game time, although for us that is nothing new. We watched as they rolled open the metal g...Read More

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Wrigley Field
1060 West Addison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60613
(773) 404-2827