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Canberra - Australia's Capital

A November 2007 trip to Canberra by Kez

Australian War Memorial Photo, Canberra, Australia More Photos
Quote: Canberra is a purpose built capital. Situated around Lake Burley Griffin it possesses the right degree of dignity considering it contains Australia’s seat of Government, High Court and many of the nation's museums, the Australian Mint and many embassies.

Canberra - Australia's Capital

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Indigenous Camp Photo, Canberra, Australia
After the Commonwealth of Australia was established on 1 January 1901 there was the problem of finding a new capital city for Australia as both Sydney & Melbourne wanted the honour. After a long dispute it was decided that the new capital would be located between the two cities. A national design competition was run and the winners were actually two American architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin.On the 1 January 1911 the Federal Capital Territory was established and on the 12 March 1913, the city was formally named Canberra adapted from the Indigenous word Kanbarra meaning “meeting place”. The north east land axis of Parliament House at one end, Old Parliament...Read More
Central Motel Photo, Canberra, Australia
Because the purpose of our visit was actually a wedding we had little choice but to stay in a dinky motel called the Central in Queanbeyan a suburb next to Canberra. I am smiling to myself even as I write this as although our accommodation was not too bad. It was a standard generic hotel room whereas my brother and his new bride were given the dubious pleasure of the “Honeymoon Suite”. I say dubious as I thought I stepped back into the 70’s into a movie set. When she opened the door all we heard was “quick bring the camera” and here in the middle of the room was a big round leather bound waterbed with wait for it… mirrors on the ceiling. So as you can imagine all the family had to lie on it ...Read More

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Central Motel
11 Anthill Street, Queanbeyan
Canberra NSW 2620
+61 02 6298 8988

If you do opt to stay in Queanbeyan there is a standout little Thai restaurant. Situated in an old timber house it has a series of small rooms that are warm and inviting. The menu is typical Thai with various red, green and Massaman curries costing about $12 - $15. The standout dishes for us were the Drowned Prawns in Coconut ($18.50); hopefully they were already dead prior and didn’t really drown… These were King Prawns with Tamarind and lemongrass. The other favourite was the Pad Med Mamuang or Wok fried Chicken with Cashew nuts and chilli jam for $14. It was fully licensed but as with all Australian restaurants you are welcome to BYO (bring your own) wine and...Read More

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Australian War Memorial Photo, Canberra, Australia
My favourite spot was the Australian war Museum – forget old dusty recreations this is modern and interactive.The front entrance is very imposing Commemorative Courtyard with its hall of reflection, eternal flame and Pool of Reflection.The new Discovery Zone is really good fun not only for kids but for everyone. It contains a series of different exhibits. In one you sit in the cockpit of a helicopter in Vietnam, put on your headphones and the sound and feel of the motor increases so it feels like it is flying. In another you climb into an army trench on the Western Front and look through the sniper rifle scope or a periscope whilst actual war footage plays across in front of your s...Read More

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Australian War Memorial
Anzac Parade
Canberra, Australia 2612
+61 (0)2 6243 4211