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Parliament House, Canberra

Parliament House Photo, Canberra, Australia

What a spectacular construction!

A grassy hill, an 81-meter-high spire flying the Australian flag, and beneath all this lies the Australian parliament, with most of the building hidden beneath the ground.

From almost any part of the city of Canberra, the parliamentary flagpole is visible; all roads seem to lead to this hill.

We chose to walk from the city, across the bridge spanning Lake Burley Griffin, then up Commonwealth Avenue, so we were able to appreciate the magnificence of this construction as it grew closer.

Security being what it is these days, we were carefully screened before entering the building, then able to wander throughout freely. Guided tours are available; these take visitors through the public areas, and give detailed knowledge of the procedures of the parliament, as well as the construction of the building.

Public galleries are always open to visitors when parliament is sitting - question time at 2pm each day is highly recommended. Sitting timetables are published at

A lift takes you to the grassy area beneath the flagpole; from here the view of Canberra and lake is magnificent (although I still couldn't see that the National Gallery building had any great appeal, even from this angle!)

There is free undercover parking, and entry is free - this is a building not to be missed on your visit to Canberra.

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