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The Most Interesting Capital City in Australia

A January 2005 trip to Canberra by alexjohnston

Quote: My sister and I went there to visit our brother but found that Canberra has a lot more to offer than a family member living there.

The Most Interesting Capital City in Australia


We visited the Canberra War Memorial, which I initially expected to be supremely boring, because my sister wanted to go and I didn't. It turned out to be a very impressive place. The multimedia presentations in particular impressed me, and I was happy to be there right until closing time (which culminates with a memorial ceremony, complete with a bugel player playing the last post), despite me not being at all interested in war history.

We also had a tour from my brother, who lives in Canberra, of the suburbs and the main feel of the city. This was great, as it gave me a feel for the city, a spread-out and beautiful place.

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