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How to get photos from iPad to Igougo?


Posted by samepenny on March 10, 2012

I am now storing most of my travel photos on my iPad. How to post them on Igougo? I'm sure this is obvious but I'm having troubles. Thanks.


Reply by eyesoftheworldStaff on March 12, 2012

Hi samepenny,

We had to borrow a friend's iPad to investigate your question. We weren't able to upload photos either and were pretty stumped as to why... until the device's owner came over and explained that iPads don't have the same file structure as regular computers and can't upload anything, including photos, to a regular website.

They can upload items when supported by an app, something we hope to be working on soon! In the meantime, we found a few other people with this issue, and perhaps one of their ideas will help:



Reply by samepenny on March 12, 2012

Thanks, Anna! I am moving more and more into the Apple world and use my iPad as one of my backup of photos methods when traveling. I am a bit up in years to be tech savy, but have been helped along over the years with fellow and sister IgoUgo members who have shown the way.

Thanks for the link. I'll study and wait for more information.


Reply by samepenny on May 05, 2012

I have been able to finally move my photos from iPad (where I store photos when traveling) to my laptop computer. It happens when I back up my iPad on iTunes and the photos move over to the laptop and are retained on the iPad as well. The most recent ones are stored on the 'cloud'.

Progress is being made.

I've been (slowly) uploading some photos to IgoUgo just today. Wow, I used a tech term!

Thanks to all who offered me suggestions.


Reply by samepenny on April 22, 2013

Anyone have any updates on this critical issue. I travel with an iPhone, and iPad and a Kindle PaperWhite ereader. Need to know how to make the best of with these machines.



Reply by juliejaynakStaff on April 23, 2013

Hi "Penny"

Unfortunately we aren't quite "mobile compatible" at this time. :-( As we are a travel site, that is definitely on our "roadmap" of changes for the future, but for now we are pretty much bound to desktop for photo uploading. Apologies for the inconvenience- but we still love having your travel experiences if you can upload them with us!


Reply by MilwVon on May 01, 2013

For anyone reading this thread, I would like to remind you that IgoUgo is not really intended to be a "storage site". There are other places where you can do that and not give up your ownership rights to your photographs. Check out Shutterfly, Flickr, Snap Fish or any of the other sites dedicated to storage and not marketing.


Reply by samepenny on May 05, 2013

I don't sore my photos on I enjoy sharing them. In any case, thanks for the tip about dedicated storage sites.

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