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Posted by nmagann on February 06, 2012

I didn't notice a specific forum, so here's my thoughts and question. My sis was fortunate enough to have an expert on trip who gave her tips on maximing shots with a pretty basic digital. Would really apprecite the same.

Some of us have um, older cameras and don't have fancy software. So based on that...

I took some mini clips on my camera turning it sideways, now I can only view them on a computer sideways. The crink in my neck makes me ask if I can turn it?

When trying to a picture of moving thing (my elusive blue morphos), how can I can a still photo from my video clip.

Although I now have a underwater housing unit (which is why I like my old camera), how could I have lifted off the tint of blue that covers underwater photos.

Gosh, that was long. Too bad there is a photo forum.

Thank you.


Reply by MilwVon on February 07, 2012

Have you tried a forum specific for the type of camera you're working with? That may be a better way of tackling this challenge since they are all different with various tools and software available.

Without knowing what exact camera you're using, and then lucking out to find someone here with experience with it, you're probably not going to be successful in finding a solution.


Reply by nmagann on February 07, 2012

I don't use the canon software included with my camera. I just use the windows viewer that is standard on computers. I am to rotate pictures and crop, but not the stop the clips and obtain a still photo. I didn't think it matter what brand I was using.

I also kept thinking there was tip or something that if there was a glare to adjust the contrast maybe. Just basic stuff as I don't always have the same camera with me anyway.


Reply by MilwVon on February 07, 2012

You can do some editing with whatever you have on your PC (like ACDsee). As I look at one of my photos in the ACDSee software, there is an "enhance" feature tab. From there you can adjust contrast at the "levels" tab. Be careful about changing your photos, however, as you will want to keep your original picture file unaltered for possible future editing. You can also rotate photos to adjust the view from sideways to upright or crop them (also under "enhance").

Many photographers use more sophisticated software such as PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro.

As for taking a still from a video, I would have to study up on my two cameras (Canon SD 600 and/or Flip Video) to figure out how to do it . . . but to answer your question, you should be able to do so.

Sorry to not be of more assistance to you.


Reply by samepenny on March 12, 2012

Well, all I can say is that I've managed to go digital (was using film when began and scanning in the photos) and am surviving in the New World of photography.

It almost hurts to recall that I started out my photo career using a 4 inch by 5 inch Speed Graphic press camera with black and white film.

I'm learning to hold the little bitty digital cameras steady. Harder to do than it would seem.


Reply by samepenny on March 24, 2012

Apple experts have admitted the complications of getting photos out of the original iPad One which is what I have.

The great new iPhoto app for iPads doesn't work on the original iPad.

I need a Plan B and am open to suggestions. I'm thinking I'll need to revert to storage on a laptop.


Reply by nmagann on March 25, 2012

I am going to have to pursue another route. I don't seem to be having luck with my issues. Nice to know you found out after the fact. Rather like finding out overseas, my camera had problems with humid climates. Computer, software, camera troubles all things to keep us busy.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on March 26, 2012

I'm wondering if attending one of the free workshops at your local Apple Store might help. They might be able to suggest a work-around for the original iPad/iPhoto app situation with a hands-on demonstration. Check for your nearest location on the Apple website.

Additionally, I have some advice from a specialist at the Upper West Side store. Here is what he wrote:
"Yes, the new iPhoto app doesn't work on the original iPad. It is a $5 photo editing app that can't work on slower devices. However, you should still have the Photo app (which comes in all iPads; iPhoto doesn't replace it) which stores photos & can be used to "get them out" by syncing or email, or PhotoStream through iCloud if they have the latest iOS on the device (& Lion on their Mac or the iCloud Control Panel on their PC). If they want to edit photos, there are other photo editing apps out there. Here's a list from one web site, most, but NOT ALL, of which work on the original iPad - (check specs for each.)


Reply by JackSimens on May 10, 2013

If you are on roots then windows viewer is best software for you could edit and manage your pics on spot. But if you have come back then you should try for more than windows viewer because a number of software are available. If you are interested to know then i can recommend you as well..
For any kind of assistance,please let me know.


Reply by samepenny on May 11, 2013

Jack, thanks for the ideas. My methods of getting photos from iPhone and iPad to Igugo are primitive at best but I haven't given up trying.

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