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Please modify my travel plan

Posted by exchanger107 on January 21, 2013

Hey everybody,
Nice to meet you.
I am planning to visit 3 countries. Malaysia, Thailand and India.
Can anyone please guide me from where to start? BTW I am in London now.


Reply by rogerbinny on January 30, 2013


Nice to heard to visit these countries

My suggestion is start from here

1) India

2) Thailand

3) Malaysia



Reply by joe_t on March 28, 2013

I will suggest you start from India, then move on to Thailand and then finish your trip in Malaysia. India really is as one famous traveler puts it "life at full volume" so the easy going nature of Thailand and Malaysia will be a welcome change and a great way to conclude your trip.


Reply by JackSimens on May 16, 2013

All the counties have different cultures and heritage. Even their religion are not same,so you will find each and every thing different there completely. It is best order in which you did mention the countries..
But all the countries have rich culture and splendid buildings and things which impress people a lot. You will definitely have there bundle of margin and stuff to be pleased and amazed.

Reply by on July 29, 2013

Malaysia and Thailand small countries so first travel in India
after than travel Malaysia and than Thailand
know more about Indian attractions and tourist places
click here

Happy journey and i wish u Welcome to India


Reply by hotelganpati256 on August 02, 2013

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Reply by hotelganpati256 on August 06, 2013

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Reply by hotelganpati256 on August 08, 2013

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Reply by mkeylianos on September 04, 2013

nice post, I will suggest that you need to contact with the person that much more know about that 3 place. and make some for effort to do research, because it is not easy to travel with 3 places.

Reply by Miranda Lopez on September 16, 2013


Its nice to hear that you have decided to visit three awesome countries. Well i have been to India once so i would suggest you to start from India as it is colorful country with rich culture and tradition. After that you can go for Malaysia as it is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries of the world and lastly Thailand. One more thing opt for travelling guides because they are experienced enough to make your tour memorable. Visit to"> for knowing more about different countries travelling guides.


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