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Age Range: 60-69  |  Joined: October 2000

West, Texas

After decades of work, I'm retired and ready to get serious about travel. Am reading IGOUGO for inspiration with thanks to all the good writers and photographers on the site.

About Me: I've traveled since the age of 5 weeks. My suitcases get restless if I don't have a trip in plan and a ticket at hand. I get sad if I have no travel to look forward to.

Trip Journals by samepenny

Name Destination Date Created
Halifax Happiness! Halifax, Nova Scotia May 31, 2008
Outstanding Ft. Worth Food Fort Worth, Texas March 01, 2008
Fort Worth Japanese Gardens Autumn Colors Fort Worth, Texas November 05, 2007
Salt Lake City Blue Sky & Great Food Salt Lake City, Utah October 22, 2007

Reviews by samepenny

Name Destination Date Written
A nice, big full service hotel! New Orleans, Louisiana September 17, 2011
Great Hampton Inn in Sweetwater Texas Sweetwater, Texas March 01, 2011
Finally, the new museum opens! Fort Worth, Texas August 29, 2010
WOW! World Class Landmark Building Los Angeles, California August 01, 2008

Stories and Tips by samepenny

Name Destination Date Written
Public art in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah October 22, 2007
Port Aransas Ferry & a little drive to Mustang Island Corpus Christi, Texas November 01, 2005
The Kemah Boardwalk Houston, Texas May 27, 2005
Toilet Matters and the Bathtubs & Toilet Shoes Tokyo, Japan July 26, 2004

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I travel because...
sometimes I have to for work and sometimes I want to for fun.
I love to travel to...
Kyoto, Halifax, Ottawa, Cape Town, Washington, Australia, Alaska and anywhere that is cool in the summer.
I never forget to pack...
my dreams and hopes.
My weirdest travel habit is...
I am obsessed with packing, doing it properly and having the right baggage.
It's my dream to travel to...
Boston, Durban, Belfast, Dublin and 3 and one half months upon the sea.
When I'm not traveling...
I plan travel.
I also travel online at...