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Two 40-Year-Old Kids, One Small Island

Written by beach_lvr on 08 Mar, 2006

Going to Little Cayman will make you feel like you have slipped into a time machine and been sent back to your completely carefree childhood years. The lack of populous here, along with a complete sense of safety (there is no crime here), combined with…Read More

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Car Rental through McCurley's Tours

Written by azdbackr on 08 Sep, 2004

To really see and enjoy all the island has to offer, it is highly recommended that you rent a car. For our first trip to Grand Cayman, we opted to rent a car through McCurley’s Tours who provided transportation from the airport to our resort…Read More

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Miscellaneous Facts about the Cayman Islands

Written by JLK100 on 02 May, 2002

* The Cayman Islands are a self-governing British colony, consisting of three islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. * Located in the Western Caribbean about 480 miles south of Miami, flights from the Northeastern US generally take 3 to 3 1/2…Read More

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Beaches and Snorkeling

Written by lovethecaribbean on 31 Jul, 2008

Overall, we really enjoyed the snorkeling here. It seemed like there were more fish here in general compared to other places I have been. But maybe it’s because they are used to being fed by people. I just don’t like to do that—I have been…Read More

Restaurants on Grand Cayman

Written by lovethecaribbean on 31 Jul, 2008

The restaurants are definitely expensive. We spent a lot more on food than we planned. I thought it was the most expensive of all Caribbean islands I have been to except for St. Barts. We did not have a bad meal anywhere we went.Marriott- We…Read More

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Activities we Experienced on Grand Cayman

Written by lovethecaribbean on 31 Jul, 2008

Captain Marvin- Snorkeling and Stingray CityWe went on a boat trip with Captain Marvin on our first full day. There were probably about 30 or so people on this trip. That was plenty of people—but I know that in high season/cruise ship days, those trips…Read More

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Jamaican Life and Influence on Little Cayman

Written by beach_lvr on 03 Mar, 2006

I read somewhere that there were more Jamaicans working in Cayman Islands resorts than any other nationality. I began to believe this when our Little Caymans resort van driver pulled up and screeched to a halt (sending sandy dust clouds into the air). The minute…Read More

7 Mile Beach - Grand Cayman

Written by iNetSpy on 13 Jan, 2004

DON'T FORGET the #1 export from Grand Cayman Islands...THE RUMCAKE. You find it in many shops here, but it is much cheaper off the beaten path at some of the local grocery stores off of the main road. Remember the beach is FREE. Through a camera lens,…Read More

Money Changing / Transportation

Written by Sugz on 22 Mar, 2004

One of the best pieces of advice I could give to someone travelling to Grand Cayman would be to change your money daily. Most places do take American dollars but VERY FEW of them will give you change in dollars, so you're left wondering…Read More

Beautiful Grand Cayman

Written by MsClee on 14 Jul, 2004

Grand Cayman is very British and one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. The main beach or string of beaches is located on West Bay Road and called Seven Mile Beach. This is the primary resort area where the majority of restaurants,…Read More

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