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7 Mile Beach - Grand Cayman

DON'T FORGET the #1 export from Grand Cayman Islands...THE RUMCAKE. You find it in many shops here, but it is much cheaper off the beaten path at some of the local grocery stores off of the main road.

Remember the beach is FREE.

Through a camera lens, 7 Mile Beach (the main tourist area for the cruise ships) looks like a paradise.

You can rent dive tanks nearby and walk in the ocean and dive for free. The water is crystal blue and you can see what seems like infinity.

The beach sand is soft, although it looks almost manufactured. It has been gone over by so many tourists that the beach is nearly sterile. No sea life, no crabs, nothing. Almost like a swimming pool attached to the sea.

There are many picnic tables on the beach for basket lunches or sunset dinners. The breeze is near constant and warm.

This area is where you find Hard Rock Cafe, Haagen-Daaz ice cream, and many other touristy-type shops.

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