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Smith's Cove Photo, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Overall, we really enjoyed the snorkeling here. It seemed like there were more fish here in general compared to other places I have been. But maybe it’s because they are used to being fed by people. I just don’t like to do that—I have been taught that it’s not good for them, so I don’t do it. But those fish must have just been expecting it, because they would swarm you! We were disappointed that we couldn’t try out the north and east sides for snorkeling. We heard good things about them, but the water was just not cooperating. So our snorkeling experiences were limited to our boat trip, South Sound, Seven Mile Beach, West Bay, and Georgetown area.

Coral Gardens—We visited two areas here on our Captain Marvin’s boat trip. I think there was more sealife here than anywhere else we went in Grand Cayman. I would have like it better though if there had been less people with us, and the water hadn’t have been so rough.

Eden Rock—We visited twice- once on our own via a ladder at the Eden Rock Dive shop, and once on our Red Sail boat trip. The coral here is great, and there were so many fish. This ranks pretty high with everywhere that I have snorkeled. There were lots of brown and white fish here that I haven’t seen at any other snorkel spot that I can remember. I didn’t even see these fish anywhere else in Grand Cayman

Wreck of the Cali—We visited here on our Red Sail boat trip. It was interesting to see the submerged wreck. There was nice coral and lots tarpon hiding around.

Smith’s Cove
We tried snorkeling here twice, but it was just a bit too stirred up. If it had been calm, I think it would have been great. I did see a huge French Angelfish here and one of the biggest parrotfish I have ever seen, but my underwater pictures did not come out well because of the sand being stirred up. This was a pretty beach spot though!

There is a manmade reef here. Nothing special, but I did see a flounder type fish here that was interesting.

Cemetery Beach- The beach here itself is nice, and the snorkeling was great. We came here twice. There was so much sea life here. We really enjoyed it.

Governor’s Reef—The beach here is amazing. The snorkeling was even more amazing. I don’t think this is the best of where we visited, but it’s special to me because I saw a turtle here, and he actually swam with me for a while. We decided to get up early on our last day since our flight was not leaving until 3 pm. We had about two hours to snorkel here. It was probably the best snorkeling conditions of our trip and the turtle was icing on the cake.

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