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Restaurants on Grand Cayman

The restaurants are definitely expensive. We spent a lot more on food than we planned. I thought it was the most expensive of all Caribbean islands I have been to except for St. Barts. We did not have a bad meal anywhere we went.

Marriott- We ate the breakfast buffet once, lunch, and spent a couple happy hours at the hotel bars and restaurants. The food was generally good, but definitely expensive compared to other restaurants (but that’ to be expected of any hotel!).

Coconut Joe’s—We had breakfast here a couple times. Fairly priced and good food. It’s very convenient to our hotel.

Cimboco’s- We had breakfast here once and it was very good. I had a great omelet and my husband was happy with his French toast.

Eats Café- We had lunch here once and dinner once and enjoyed it both times. They have great sandwiches and yummy fries.

Westin (beach side restaurant, can’t remember the name)—We had lunch here after snorkeling nearby. The food wasn't very good but similarly priced to the Marriott. But I really wanted to check it out. If we come back I want to stay there for sure (mostly because of the wide beach and proximity to great snorkeling).

Restaurant at Rum Point—good food at this beach bar. I had chicken fingers and fries, and my husband had wings that he enjoyed

The Wharf- We had a nice waterside dinner here. There are tarpon nearby that you can feed—but I just think that’s kind of gross! Where we have a lake place, there is a similar area where you can feed carp—and I just never found that very appetizing! But we were both very happy with our dinners there.

Ragazzi’s—This was one of my favorite dinners. I had a delicious pizza, and my husband had gnocchi that he thought was great.

Bed- When we arrived we were the only people at this restaurant. That worried me a bit, but the food was good (but nothing too special). We had a great calamari appetizer. I had steak that was good, but my husband can’t remember what he had, or if he liked it, so it must not have been that memorable for him!

Neptune’s—We had dinner here. I had good chicken Parmesan and I believe my husband had a seafood pasta that was good. It was good, but nothing special. They did have a nice touch—a free appetizer of bruschetta.

Aqua Beach—We got a cheese plate that was tasty, and would have been enough for both of our meals! But we also got roasted chicken and potatoes that were good.

Copper Falls- This was our most expensive meal, but also the best one. I had filet and my husband also had steak (but I can’t remember what kind). I mean, it’s no Ruth’s Chris, but it came pretty close. I had the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had.

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