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Gibraltar on Foot

Written by BigWally on 25 Jun, 2004

Along Main Street and its connecting streets, are many duty-free shops, restaurants and pubs with. Being a British enclave since 1704, English is the predominate language. Bobbies, red pillar post boxes and red British phone booths all contrast with mainland Spain. Food menu selections and…Read More

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Are you Sure This is the Right Road?

Written by BigWally on 25 Jun, 2004

Departing from our base resort at the Club Playa Vista at Lubina Sol along the coastal highway just south of town of Fuengiola we encountered delays due a lot of new construction underway just past Estepone. At La Linea de la Conception there is a…Read More

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Monkeying with the Apes

Written by Barb B on 31 Oct, 2000

Don't Feed the Apes!---Do Not Feed the Apes! Please, don't feed the apes. Signs all over the place, each one shouting the same refrain, DON'T FEED THE APES. So, what did I do? I fed the apes. Right, I did it!…Read More

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Now That’s Narrow!

Written by BigWally on 25 Jun, 2004

Getting tired, we walked back to get the car to continue our exploration hopefully around the whole peninsula. We passed near the Shrine of Our Lady of Europa and through the Keightley Tunnel, a single lane tunnel with about a 12-inch gap between our mid…Read More

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Queen of the Barbary Apes

Written by Stircrazy on 25 Aug, 2000

We left our coach to go through Customs at Gibraltar and hopped into two mini vans to tour the Rock and it's environs with Peter....born and bred on Gibraltar. We had a great tour of St. Michael's Caves and visited the Barbary Ape Colony. This…Read More

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The Alameda(The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens)

Written by graememcqueen on 19 Mar, 2004

The Alameda(The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens) The Alameda Gardens were created in 1816 under the instruction of the Governor, General George Don, in order to provide a recreation area for the residents of Gibraltar. Situated just outside of the city walls, this is a botanic garden…Read More

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The Cable Car

Written by graememcqueen on 05 Mar, 2004

The Cable Car The bottom cable car station is situated in the car park near Alameda Gardens. There is a stop at the Apes’ Den and the top of the rock. Apes’ Den: I never tire of seeing the apes; it amazes me how like each other…Read More


Written by MickyDee on 28 Sep, 2005

The most amazing thing that I saw in Gibraltar was the air-force jets screaming across the runway, which was part of the road onto the island. The traffic is stopped, just like a level crossing for a train and the jets scream off. It was…Read More

Scammed in Gilbraltor

Written by jwagner on 26 Aug, 2000

First thing this morning, on the way to Gilbraltor form La Linea, we were stopped by a man wearing a uniform that resembled those costumes Nixon put on his armed guards in the White House. He told us in broken English that we would need…Read More

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A day in Gibraltar from a cruise ship

Written by Cantin2 on 07 Mar, 2011

Our first sighting of land after 9 days at sea on a transatlantic crossing from Fort Lauderdale on a Princess Cruise. We sail in - in the morning darkness - a sliver of a moon shining above. As dawn breaks, we…Read More

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