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Queen of the Barbary Apes

Barbary Apes Photo, Gibraltar, Europe

We left our coach to go through Customs at Gibraltar and hopped into two mini vans to tour the Rock and it's environs with Peter....born and bred on Gibraltar. We had a great tour of St. Michael's Caves and visited the Barbary Ape Colony.
This is where Queenie got it again...
Last stop before shopping was the Barbary Ape Colony. Winston Churchill had visited long ago and said that as long as there were apes on Gibraltar it would remain under British rule when the ape population gets low more are imported from Morocco. Spain wants Gibraltar, but the Crown intends to hold on to this territory
....which suits the natives just fine.
Our van arrived at the viewing spot just as a small monkey jumped on to Queenie's back and began to pick through her teased, blonde mane. We were in hysterics at the sight! Monkeys were jumping from car to car, using tourists as springboards.... stopping to snatch earrings and sundry from our coachmates. What we in the second van (and you can BET that Stir did not leave her van and demanded that the door be kept closed tight) did not know was that a small monkey had jumped onto Jen's (the Lady-in-Waiting) shoulder and snatched her bright gold earring.
As it traveled to the monkey's mouth, Queenie grabbed for the earring. Queenie is.... aside from her big mouth, big self, and big hair.... really a tenderhearted person and she didn't want the little monkey to be hurt... so, as any mother would do... she grabbed for the earring. As she reached, the BIG MAMA monkey came over her shoulder from behind and took a bite out of her forearm....through her coat and linen shirt. The bruise began to turn black right away.
By the late afternoon as we winded our way along the Costa Del Sol the bruise got bigger and blacker, but at least Queenie had a story to take home about the Barbary Apes. Then we went shopping.

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