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Monkeying with the Apes

Gibraltar Photo, Gibraltar, Europe

Don't Feed the Apes!---Do Not Feed the Apes! Please, don't feed the apes. Signs all over the place, each one shouting the same refrain, DON'T FEED THE APES. So, what did I do? I fed the apes.

Right, I did it! I fed them and I know it was wrong. However, it was not totally my fault. Our friend and guide Reynaldo gave me permission. He said the apes really expect the tourists to feed them and of course, they might also be hungry.

The famed tailless Barbary Macaques apes are Gibraltar's most famous residents. They were brought to Gibraltar from Morocco and Algeria many centuries ago and today they are the only free-living monkeys in Europe. Currently the apes are most frequently found in the area of the Great Siege Tunnels and at the Ape Den, midways up the Ariel Tram Ride.

According to legend, the monkeys must roam free, and when the apes leave the Rock, the British will also go. When the population dwindled during World War II, new members for the colony were imported from Morocco.

OK, ok--I know I should not have fed them. They ARE wild animals and I could have been bitten. But - I'm not sorry I did it!

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