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Are you Sure This is the Right Road?

Rock of Gibraltar  Photo, Gibraltar, Europe

Departing from our base resort at the Club Playa Vista at Lubina Sol along the coastal highway just south of town of Fuengiola we encountered delays due a lot of new construction underway just past Estepone. At La Linea de la Conception there is a very nice beach with a great view of the rock that could not decide whether to be part of Europe or Africa. At beach level one can see a rolling slope into the sea while the highest peak with the sheer drop-off faces the mainland. This is the rock of Gibraltar.

After clearing customs with just a wave of our Canadian passports, the road suddenly widens enough that you can land an airplane across it. That’s right Mr. Bond, you are driving on an operational airport runway. There was nowhere else to put it, so the solution is for cars and planes to crisscross each other. This experience alone is worth the trip; I mean where else can you do this?

Gibraltar is a very small place by car. Most roads are one-way narrow streets with few possibilities of stopping. Parking is limited to car parks at Grand Parade, Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay, Queensway, and the International Commercial Centre. If you’re lucky, street parking is also available on Line Wall Road, Corral Road, Devil's Tower Road, and Rosia Road. We opted for the multi-level parking garage near the bustling Main Street shopping area.

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