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Port Aransas Ferry & a little drive to Mustang Island

Port Aransas Ferry Photo, Corpus Christi, Texas

I absolutely had to get away from my meeting, so I grabbed my car out of the hotel's garage and made a run south along Shoreline Boulevard in the direction of Mustang Island. I had an excuse. I needed to buy gas for my return drive home. So I spent a couple of fine hours enjoying the wild nature of Mustang Island along the famous birding area, put my car on one of the Port Aransas Ferry for the quick ride across the water, finished my circle of the Bay, and returned to Corpus Christi from the northeast. It makes for a lovely drive!

As with many Texas highways, the roads are all very good, unless you get the bright idea to attempt beach access on Mustang Island. I did and had to back up for quite a distance to get back on the main road. I forgot I wasn't driving a Subaru.

The Port Aransas ferries run extremely frequently and are free.

Mustang Island has over 5 miles of Gulf of Mexico beaches, but I didn't have time to stop for a swim or sun. The state park has an admission fee. There are many choices of places to stay, either in motels or rental apartments, or you can camp. Fishing is a primary attraction.

Later I found out that several of us from our meeting had made the same trip. You can't be that close to so much natural beauty and ignore it. One woman even hired a taxi to make the run for freedom.

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