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Public art in Salt Lake City

Wells Fargo building public art Photo, Salt Lake City, Utah

One of my strongest opinions is about the need for public art in cities. Salt Lake City has a vast selection of works of art on sidewalks, sides of buildings and in the lobby areas of buildings open to the public during business hours. There are also the massive and very important areas such as Temple Square which hosts millions of visitors a year and it has monuments and statues for all visitors to see and enjoy.

I visited Salt Lake City in June, one of the hottest Junes on record. I had to walk from my hotel to my meetings and found the public art a refreshing way to cover the long blocks in the bright sunlight. Bravo Salt Lake City for doing such a fine job with public art and art for the public.

Fair warning: in summer in Salt Lake City is very easy to get overheated and dried out. Be careful as you go, use a lot of sunscreen, wear a hat, use an umbrella and rest often.

One of the best locations to view public art for free is in the lobby of the Wells Fargo Bank Building at 299 South Main St. The art is dedicated to Olympic competitions as well as having a Wells Fargo Stage Coach on display. Other areas for strong public art is Temple Square which has beautiful buildings which glow in the sunlight and it has very interesting and moving statues. My long time favorite (I'm a frequent visitor to Salt Lake City) is the Monument to the Pioneers in Temple Square which is generally known as the Handcart Monument as it is in memory and in honor of those pioneers who walked to Salt Lake City from across North America while pulling and pushing crudely built handcarts with all their food and possessions on them. It always brings me to tears and my grandparents were western pioneers.

There is much to do and see in Salt Lake City that doesn't cost money. Take advantage of this and enjoy your visit.

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