U GO! Awards

Let's Hear a Round of Applause!

We'd like to offer our most sincere congratulations and thanks to the winners and nominees of the 2004 U GO! Awards. No matter who received the most votes, each and every one of the finalists demonstrated considerable writing and photography talents, and helped prove once again that IgoUgo is the best travel site on the Web for firsthand travel reviews and recommendations.

Feel free to send along your own kudos to the members listed below, and we'll see you next year for the 2005 U GO! Awards!

Member Awards

Member of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Photographer of the Year

Journal Awards

Traffic-Stopper Award

For best city journal

Fresh Air Award

For best non-city journal

Flex-Your-Muscle Award

For best active/adventure journal

"Are We There Yet?" Award

For best family journal

4x4 Award

For best off-the-beaten-path journal

Bargain-Bin Award

For best budget journal

Mint-on-the-Pillow Award

For best luxury journal

Love Boat Award

For best cruise journal

Tour Guide Award

For best cultural/historical journal

Side-Splitter Award

For most entertaining journal

Photos of Distinction

Photo: by lcampbell
Photo: by eugenebeh
Photo: by Carmen
Photo: by sierra
  • The Cliffs of Moher
  • by sierra
Photo: by SFPhotocraft