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A Few Days in Ibiza

Created by dkm1981 on August 28, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

We recently spent a few days on the Party Isle, but we weren't there for partying. Instead we found rest and relaxation in the harbour resort of Santa Eulalia

Party week in IBIZA

Created by britgirl7 on April 4, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

8 Reviews
1 Story

Before we get too old to really enjoy the clubbing lifestyle, my husband and I took a flight from Texas to Ibiza for a week of partying and sightseeing.

Days Ashore in the Med. Spain, Morrocco, & Gibraltar Part Two

Created by hagnel2 on December 15, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

3 Reviews
4 Stories

This is a description of our second week in the Mediterranean. This week we visited the wonderful Moorish cities of Cadiz, Almeria, and Ibiza. Also, exotic Casablanca and the Veddy British Gibraltar. All these ports are easy to visit independently.

A Golden Beach of Ibiza

Created by Tolik on July 4, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Torrent Bay is one of the most romantic places on Ibiza. The bay naturally looks over the Mediterranean Sea, creating one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The area around Torrent Bay is beautiful with the crystal clear waters creating perfect conditions for scuba diving.

Ibiza for Individuals

Created by AllyD on August 19, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Expect the unexpected in Ibiza and prepare to be seduced. A unique little island that doesn't conform to type, it may well blow your budget and quite certainly your mind!

Ibiza 2007

Created by iverge on January 17, 2008

4 Reviews

Non-stop party central Ibiza

A Nursery Called Ibiza

Created by Brad1973 on September 2, 2006

4 Reviews
1 Story

I traveled to Ibiza alone in August 2006. This journal discusses the island in general, how to get around the island, the towns and the night clubs.

Ibiza Nightmare

Created by jonimar on May 29, 2005

1 Review

I went to Ibiza for the first time with friends, and the resort was awful. Las Terrazas De Cala Codolar is the worst RCI resort we have exchanged to in 14years. The crockery was chipped and cutlery rusty. The bed linens were not changed during our week stay, and the reception opened when the man decided to turn up. There was only one restaurant within a 2-mile area, and there were no bars.

Ibiza: Come one, Come all

Created by Vagabondo on December 12, 2004

1 Review

I spent 7 days in Ibiza, Spain during the summer of 2002. This journal details the relaxing days on the beautiful beaches and the hectic nights at the world-famous dance clubs.

Ibiza Without the Frantic Parties

Created by Kiryo on June 21, 2004

2 Reviews

Ibiza, in the Mediterranean Sea: if you like parties and expensive clubs, go here! If you like to get lost in tiny islands, go here! And if you like hordes of Germans and Brits, go here!

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