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Why Fairbanks in March?

Written by MilwVon on 02 Oct, 2010

OK so if you've read my reviews from this trip with any attention to detail, you've noted the reference to coming to Fairbanks in March. Sure it's cold (on one 11 day trip, it didn't get above zero degrees Fahrenheit until my last day…Read More

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Going To The Dogs Alaska Style!

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 11 Aug, 2010

"I do not know the word 'quit.' Either I never did, or I have abolished it." Susan Butcher (1954-2006), Four-Time Iditarod Sled Dog Race Champion (1986-1990).Before I left for Alaska, I was watching one of my favorite sports programs Pardon The Interruption on…Read More

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Going Native on The Chena River

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 10 Aug, 2010

At first when I learned that we were visiting an Athabascan village on our Riverboat Discovery cruise, I was skeptical thinking that the whole thing would be a big tourist trap and the Athabascan people were being exploited by tourists and tour companies, but I…Read More

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Pigs In The Pipeline

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 10 Aug, 2010

Notice lately that some of my journals have something to do with a pig of some sort? Either it's pigging out somewhere during my travels or being chased by the neighbor's pigs when I got too curious for my own good. Now here…Read More

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The History of The Golden Armpit of Alaska

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 01 Aug, 2010

When you arrive at the outskirts of Fairbanks, Alaska via Highway 3 coming in from Anchorage, you are greeted by a sign saying WELCOME TO FAIRBANKS: THE GOLDEN HEART OF ALASKA. Most Alaskan will tell you that Fairbanks is more like an armpit…Read More

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Things "To Do" In Fairbanks During the Winter

Written by MilwVon on 23 Mar, 2008

Fairbanks has a charm that reminds visitors of the gold rush era, a time long since gone. The downtown area has a lot of shops and businesses that seem to barely stay afloat. During the winter, it seems to be a relatively slow…Read More

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Arctic Circle Winter Drive Adventure Drive Tour – 13 hours of Arctic Exploration

Written by MilwVon on 20 Mar, 2007

The Northern Alaska Tour Company (www.northernalaska.com) is a full service, year-round tour operator with ground and air adventures to meet the needs of all visitors of varying interests and skills. I was very happy to find them through the Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau website…Read More

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Fairbanks Curling Club

Written by MilwVon on 20 Mar, 2007

1962 Second AvenueFairbanks, Alaska 99701PH: (907) 452-CURLWeb: www.curlfairbanks.orgBecause I figured that where there is a lot of ice, there should be lots of ice sports. Not really interested in checking out ice hockey, I thought I’d see about curling. Sure enough, Fairbanks not only has…Read More

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Northern Lights – As Only Seen in Alaska

Written by MilwVon on 20 Mar, 2007

Well that’s not exactly true. The aurora borealis, aka "northern lights" can be seen throughout the world but most frequently and with the greatest intensity, within the auroral oval surrounding the earth’s (magnetic) North Pole which largely encompasses much of Alaska. Other areas of the…Read More

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Sled Dog Racing – The GCI Open North American Championship

Written by MilwVon on 20 Mar, 2007

The GCI Open North American Championship is a three day race that draws competitive teams from around the world. With two 20-mile sprint races contested on Friday and Saturday, the champion is crowned after the exhausting final 27.5-mile race on Sunday. The winner is determined…Read More

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