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Water water everywhere !

Written by garymarsh6 on 12 Dec, 2012

Hot Springs Tunisia.Whilst driving along the route beside the Sahara desert we came across a hot spring and cooling tower. Water was being extracted from the spring but needed to be cooled as the water came out of the ground in excess of 50 degrees…Read More

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A smallish town on the edge of the Sahara.

Written by garymarsh6 on 12 Dec, 2012

Douz.Douz is a small town on the edge of the Sahara desert in central Tunisia. It is known as and often referred to as the Gateway to the Sahara. In days of old it was an important stop off for the camel trains on their…Read More

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My frisky camel had the hump!

Written by garymarsh6 on 04 Dec, 2012

Camel trek in the Sahara.We got up at some ungodly hour to have breakfast prior to being taken down to the camel station where we put on Berber style Galabeyas and donned head scarfs for our trek into the dessert.The camels were lead…Read More

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Blue Heaven, Sidi Bou Said, and Tunisia

Written by hagnel2 on 27 Nov, 2004

This is the only ship’s tour we took, and it was on the first port of call. Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, was at one time the center of trade between Europe and the eastern Mediterranean and was considered as one of the wealthiest cities…Read More

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Jewels of the Tunisian Sahel

Written by Richard Cain on 20 Jun, 2005

The Arabic name "Sahel" means coast or margin. In the case of the sub-Saharan, Sahel it is the margin of the desert, but in Tunisia, it is the little bulge in its east coast. Ranging back from the east coast, these fertile plains have long…Read More

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Isles that time forgot - Kerkennah Odyssey

Written by Richard Cain on 28 Jun, 2005

We’d first heard about the Kerkennah Islands from Paul Theroux’s book about his trip around the Mediterranean. Theroux is known as a crabby individual who seeks out places to visit where no one else goes – usually with good reason. He went to the Kerkennah…Read More

Cafes or coffee shops?

Written by fizzytom on 17 Jun, 2003

This entry is to serve as advice to any weary travellers looking for refreshment in Tunis. Cafes and coffee shops are very different. Cafes are essentially a male domain and in Tunis you can find cafes inside the medina and dotted around the New Town.…Read More

My best meal...ever

Written by fizzytom on 05 Aug, 2003

Sadly we never found out the name (if it had one) of this little cafe tucked away in the depths of the medina. However, I shall never forget how much we enjoyed it and I would be depriving you if I did not tell you…Read More

The New Town

Written by fizzytom on 02 Jun, 2003

Tunis is a city of contrasts. Away from the medina are the modern streets of the New Town. It's here that you can see the French influence; the main Avenue Bourgiba looks like it's been lifted straight from the French Riviera with its Neoclassical architecture…Read More

Travelling by Louage

Written by fizzytom on 27 May, 2003

A louage is basically a big taxi. Most towns have a louage point - a noisy and usually fume-filled parking lot where the white and red vehicles wait until they have as many passengers as possible before setting off. When you arrive speak to one…Read More

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