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Gravesend, United Kingdom

Have passport will travel.

About Me: HI my name is Gary I live in the UK and love travelling especially to unusual places. I love to travel and stay in beautiful hotels preferring to stay in good quality hotels. I love to meet new people and experience new cultures. I also like to share my experiences with others so that they perhaps can share some of the places they have not been able to visit. I also feel if anyone can get any useful information from my reviews and it is of help then that is my just reward,

Trip Journals by garymarsh6

Name Destination Date Created
Places to whet your appetite. United Kingdom, Europe October 25, 2013
A weekend in Brussels! Brussels, Belgium October 03, 2013
Fun things to do in Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada September 04, 2013
Tasty Las Vegas! Las Vegas, Nevada August 31, 2013

Reviews by garymarsh6

Name Destination Date Written
A taste of Thailand! Gravesend, United Kingdom November 19, 2013
Excellent food and reasonably priced. London, England November 19, 2013
Afternoon tea London, England November 19, 2013
Nice Pizza horribly noisey. Reigate, United Kingdom November 19, 2013

Stories and Tips by garymarsh6

Name Destination Date Written
Food Glorious Food Brussels, Belgium October 05, 2013
Water water everywhere ! Tunisia, Africa December 12, 2012
A smallish town on the edge of the Sahara. Douz, Tunisia December 12, 2012
My frisky camel had the hump! Douz, Tunisia December 04, 2012

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I travel because...
I love to experience new places, meet new people, visit new buildings, experience new cultures and try new things.
I love to travel to...
Asia, America and Europe.
I never forget to pack...
My toothbrush.
My weirdest travel habit is...
To start shaking with excitement before I go on holiday I am like a big kid.
It's my dream to travel to...
When I'm not traveling...
I love to read travel information and I am always checking new and interesting places to visit.
I also travel online at...
Dooyoo, Trivago, Ciao