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Market day in Nabeul

Written by fizzytom on 25 Jul, 2003

I have an idea for a new concept in travel and tourism. We all know about "eco-tourism," well I am going to be the architect of "taste-tourism." As I tell you about my trip to Nabeul it will, hopefully, become clear. We decided to take the…Read More

How to (or not to) haggle

Written by fizzytom on 15 Jul, 2003

In the markets and the medinas of Tunisia, you are expected to haggle. Haggling is fun and, if you do it properly, will make sure that you don't go home with some worthless rubbish you've paid a fortune for. To start off, don't start haggling for…Read More

The Medina

Written by fizzytom on 14 Jul, 2003

Hammamet's medina overlooks the sea, next to a pretty sandy beach where the fishing boats lie for the evening. As soon as you approach the medina you will be besieged by young men trying to lure you to the family shop inside the medina walls.…Read More

Tunis medina

Written by Ju on 08 Jan, 2002

The medina in Tunisia's capital city Tunis has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, which protects it from unsympathetic developers. That said, parts of it are run down and decrepit, but for me that just added to the atmosphere. The many alleyways…Read More

Sidi Bou Said

Written by Ju on 08 Jan, 2002

Sidi Bou Said is said to be the most beautiful village in Tunisia, and certainly did not disappoint. Easily reached by train from Tunis, a short walk up a very steep hill leads you into an artist's paradise of whitewashed cottages, with intricately carved,…Read More

Camel trekking in Douz

Written by Ju on 21 Nov, 2001

One of the highlights of the trip was a very touristy but hugely entertaining camel ride into the fringes of the Sahara from Douz. The Tunisians bill Douz as the gateway to the Sahara, and turning round, the village of Douz was still visible…Read More

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doors... lead me home

Written by rhiannon1968 on 15 Jan, 2002

Don't misunderstand me: neither I nor my friends were invited into a local home. Oh, we so wished it but Tunisian people, though very polite and helpful, are a bit wary of tourists (why shouldn't they be anyway?) and simply don't open their homes to…Read More

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Carpets, carpets

Written by rhiannon1968 on 15 Jan, 2002

Carpets? Even if you dont need one, it'll be really hard to leave Kairouan without one. It's the carpets' capital - and everyone will try to sell you one. If you are weak, you'll most likely come home with one: in this case make sure…Read More

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the Medina - an example of local architecture

Written by rhiannon1968 on 21 Jan, 2002

Architecture: my passion! In Tozeur I found many details to delight the eye. The entire area has a typical architecture that's unique all over Tunisia.The best examples (around the 14th century)can be found in the old area, the Ouled el Hadef, which is better known…Read More

the trains of Tozeur - visiting too late

Written by rhiannon1968 on 21 Jan, 2002

it was the year 1984 - and, being sixteen, I surely had nowhere to go on Saturday night - so I remember being stuck at home watching (shame!) the eurovision song contest. I also remember the Italian duo singing in the contest: Franco Battiato and…Read More

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