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Last Coffee in Vientiane

Written by SeenThat on 19 Apr, 2011

In the morning all was forgotten and we went for a coffee at the Morning Market. Outside the huge structure, along its western side, there were three big eating areas catering to the public. The southern one was…Read More

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Voem Kham - An Ice Coffee on the Mekong

Written by SeenThat on 25 Jun, 2009

Do you really care what type of coffee I like?I don’t like iced or flavored coffee. Hot and black is perfect. Despite my many visits to Starbucks in several continents, I had never tried their iced or flavored beverages. If I’m feeling adventurous, I go…Read More

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Another Unnecessary War

Written by SeenThat on 03 Jul, 2008

Traveling in modern South East Asia can be confusing without having at least a basic understanding of the parties and forces that shaped the area in the last century. Laos was home to one of the most complex realities.ColonyThe Lao kingdom was divided into three…Read More

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Trapped In Kindness

Written by SeenThat on 28 Apr, 2008

I arrived at Savannakhet after having crossed the border from Cambodia and having travelled on an ice truck for a day or so. The thick layer of dust covering me protected me from the merciless Mekong sun.It was neither my first nor my last trip…Read More

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Vientiane’s People

Written by SeenThat on 04 Oct, 2007

Travelling in Laos is a tiring experience. Long distances, narrow roads, old vehicles and the most rustic accommodations assure the moment will arrive when a traveller will exclaim: "Enough!"Luckily, Vientiane is never more than a couple of days away. The town allows restoring energy with…Read More

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On Laotian Identity

Written by SeenThat on 14 Sep, 2007

Landlocked Laos offers the visitor a colourful and intriguing mosaic of facts, myths, fears and hopes which reflects its unique reality.Until the recent Communist Revolution, it is not possible to talk about a Laotian country, nation or even people. For most of their recorded history,…Read More

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A Religious Dichotomy: Communism and Buddhism

Written by SeenThat on 13 Sep, 2007

Due to my childhood’s negative experiences at a communist community (a kibbutz in Israel which resulted in my conversion to Christianity) I have always been intrigued by other such societies. Not many communist regimes are left nowadays; nonetheless I managed to visit three of them…Read More

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Written by SeenThat on 12 Sep, 2007

Laotian kindness is legendary; it was obvious almost from first sight, but two specific events I experienced showed it to run deeper than suspected.While visiting Vientiane for the first time, I discovered the excellent Laotian coffee at the Morning Market (see my "Vientiane: Love from…Read More

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A Day in the Countryside: Vang Vieng

Written by SeenThat on 06 Aug, 2007

Vang Vieng is the perfect countryside resort: it is near the capital, it offers spectacular views, it is along the way to other main attractions and it is tourists’ friendly.The WayThe resort is about 160km north of Vientiane and can be reached with any means…Read More

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Laotian Snacks

Written by SeenThat on 03 Aug, 2007

Vientiane’s denizens seem to survive on snacks. The Morning and Night Market take care of the first and last meals, but an overwhelming number of stalls scattered all around – but especially on the Mekong River Promenade - offer tasty snacks between the extremes. In…Read More

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