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Because you can't spend all day every day journeying around IgoUgo, editors round up the highlights: members' notable trips, newest reviews, favorite destinations, contests, and more. Have a question or idea? Let us know!

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April 2007 Archive

Less Money, More Mileage Photo

Less Money, More Mileage

Posted on April 30, 2007 in Travel News

For those of us not accustomed to spending away our layovers (literally) and crashing with the Maharaja, travel can be a strain on that cumbersome ball-and-chain we call a budget... Continue reading Less Money, More Mileage

Travel: Stranger than Fiction Photo

Travel: Stranger than Fiction

Posted on April 23, 2007 in Travel News

Whether you chalk it up to a full moon or spring fever, the latest travel news has a definite slant toward the weird... Continue reading Travel: Stranger than Fiction

IgoUgo's Top Budget Travel Destinations Photo

IgoUgo's Top Budget Travel Destinations

Posted on April 19, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Trends come and go, but if there’s one word in travel that will never lose its buzz, it’s “budget.” Here’s a round-up of some top spots where you’ve had a blast without blasting your budget—and a look at how you did it... Continue reading IgoUgo's Top Budget Travel Destinations

Wander Women Photo

Wander Women

Posted on April 16, 2007 in Travel News

With an arsenal of online resources and a heightening awareness of their impact on the travel industry, women are taking over the world—literally... Continue reading Wander Women

Bad Luck's Charm Photo

Bad Luck's Charm

Posted on April 13, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Friday the 13th is upon us once again. As we take pains to cross our fingers today (a less than ideal condition for blogging), we’re reminded of the bad luck that befalls even the best of travelers, always when we least expect it... Continue reading Bad Luck's Charm

Earth Huggers Photo

Earth Huggers

Posted on April 11, 2007 in Trip Ideas

As IgoUgo members traipse across the globe and back, it’s comforting to know that some cover their tracks and leave places better off than they found them. We’re celebrating Earth Day with a toast to our eco-travelers. Cheers!.. Continue reading Earth Huggers

City Planning Photo

City Planning

Posted on April 9, 2007 in Trip Ideas

From Beijing to Brooklyn, the constant evolution of urban areas is enough to make you question why anyone would ever need a weekend escape in the country... Continue reading City Planning

A Little Bunny Froufrou Photo

A Little Bunny Froufrou

Posted on April 4, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Easter egg hunts and grass-filled baskets may be things of the past (we’ll keep our marshmallow Peeps, thanks), but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fantastical Easter as much as the next kid. It’s time for a whimsical twist on your travel wisdom... Continue reading A Little Bunny Froufrou

Stomping Out Sickness Photo

Stomping Out Sickness

Posted on April 3, 2007 in IgoUgo Updates

Some of the areas that best highlight the strength of the IgoUgo community are our Message Boards, and one recent exchange stands out as indicative of the bonds that tie our members together beyond travel... Continue reading Stomping Out Sickness

The Extra Mile Photo

The Extra Mile

Posted on April 3, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Gone are the days when travel was simply a holiday from work—these days, it’s a bonafide ambition... Continue reading The Extra Mile