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Stomping Out Sickness

Stomping Out Sickness Photo

Photo by stomps

Posted on April 3, 2007 in IgoUgo Updates

Some of the areas that best highlight the strength of the IgoUgo community are our Message Boards, and one recent exchange stands out as indicative of the bonds that tie our members together beyond travel.

It’s amazing what prolific writer and traveler stomps finds time to do. Last we heard from her, she was zooming around Australia. Now she’s posted a message seeking tips from previous participants in the Three Peaks Challenge, a 36-hour, three-mountain climb in the UK benefiting the Meningitis Trust. She figured she could use a little advice, considering the longest she’s ever hiked is 11 miles, and the highest she’s ever climbed is half the height of one of the Three Peaks.

Although she has not personally been affected by meningitis, she says she’s excited to “help the Trust in its mission to provide support for those the disease has affected.” IgoUgo veteran JayBroek is one of the people who know firsthand how devastating meningitis can be: his son was left profoundly deaf after contracting the disease. He reports that while “cochlear implants are working wonders, the avoidance of such heartache would have been a much preferred route.” So he’s taken the helm in encouraging stomps in her endeavor and galvanizing others to lend their support as well.

The route stomps will take towards ending this disease is daunting, but with support like this, her trek looks bound for success. If you’d like to support her with words or donations, JayBroek posted her Three Peaks website on the Message Board—something she was too modest to do herself. Best of luck to the intrepid climber; IgoUgo’s got your back!

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