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A Little Bunny Froufrou

A Little Bunny Froufrou Photo

Photo by rbank

Posted on April 4, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Easter egg hunts and grass-filled baskets may be things of the past (we’ll keep our marshmallow Peeps, thanks), but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fantastical Easter as much as the next kid. It’s time for a whimsical twist on your travel wisdom.

Where to Spot the Easter Bunny During His Off-Season

1. Easter Island: More than Moai
Courtesy of WAE

2. Mountain Hoppin' with Plenty o' Stoppin'
Courtesy of kjlouden

3. Drunk as a Duck in Lakeland
Courtesy of JayBroek

4. Chomping My Way Through Brisbane
Courtesy of stomps

5. Veg-Friendly Seattle
Courtesy of tofurkey

6. Forests and Fur Trade in Northwest Nebraska
Courtesy of btwood2

7. Monsters and Alice in Wonderland—Philadelphia, the Bibliophile Tour
Courtesy of Saphira

8. Northern Switzerland: The Toblerone Tales
Courtesy of Ozzy-Dave

9. Walt Disney World's Character Dining Experiences
Courtesy of C.Kowalczik

10. Lanzarote—In Search of Beef
Courtesy of MichaelJM

11. Animal Parks of Florida
Courtesy of lharri

12. The Gardens of Munich
Courtesy of LenR

13. Jordon: A Speed Tour
Courtesy of SkewedStyle

14. Pleasantville, with a Nude Beach
Courtesy of smmmarti guide

15. Big Game Hunting in Washington, D.C.
Courtesy of Idler

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