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Train travel in Europe... harder than it looks?


Posted by eyesoftheworldStaff on March 01, 2013

Hello IgoUgo People!

I recently moved from Brooklyn to Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands, not Amsterdam, NY--although I am sure that's a cute little town. Before my girlfriend and I arrived, we had visions of speedy, easy, inexpensive train trips all over the continent. So far, we've been a bit disappointed. Finding the correct company or rail line to book with has been confusing, and the tickets are about 3x as much as we thought they would be. Is it all bad? Are we doing something wrong? Or should we just be happy that we can take a train to Paris for the weekend in the first place, instead of flying all the way over from North America.

Any tips on European train travel, especially out of Amsterdam, would be much appreciated! I'll also take horror stories or success stories -- things to avoid and things to look forward to.


Reply by mariha2912 on April 11, 2013

Many of your comments are "we had vision this" or "we thought that" so not sure what is there to reply...Majority of people find trains a comfy and value for money way for traveling o a large part of Europe...but it comes down to expectations I guess.

Everything you need on Europe train travel is most likely here


Reply by koshkha on April 12, 2013

I wrote recently about the Thalys - you can find it on my review list. And if you'd like, I'm happy to write about the intricacies and complications of the Dutch OV-chip card which I'm currently getting frustrated with.

Reply by on June 14, 2013

Hello Anna,

I see that you probably are used to the American lifestyle and going with a train around Europe is hard. I have also lived there for a couple of years and have used much to travel by plane everywhere. I have even found a new american website where they offer great discount travel deals. Actually, me and my girlfriend have already booked one to Vienna. You can take a look if you want to it's . They offer a variety of destinations so it will be not easy for you to choose your next one :)

Best Regards,

Reply by travelfarfar on June 19, 2013


I've travelled in France before and hope that this website would help you. You can find tickets within France and for trains to Italy and Belgium and sometimes other countries too. The best price in 3 months before the date of departure. ex: you wish to travel on September 19th, then you should book your tickets on June 19th.

Good luck


Reply by fizzytom on June 19, 2013

I love to travel by train through Europe. It's easy. Never book in advance (the day before perhaps if time) - turn up at the station and go. I travel a lot through Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia - simple and fun.

I could tell you some fun stories about train travel in Armenia/Georgia but anywhere else in Europe is a doddle

Reply by on August 22, 2013

Hi there!

Gen from TourRadar here! If you are interested in train journeys for week-end trips, I personally find it is often cheaper and easier (although less of an adventure) to fly! However if you have a month or so to explore Europe I could not recommend more highly doing interrail. Basically this is a ticket which costs approx €500 and entitles you to travel across Europe on any trains you need for the month! I have personally done this twice; my first route went Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, Prague,Budapest, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik and finally Venice and the second time was Paris, Munich, Ljubljana, Belgrade (Serbia), Budapest, Vienna, Slovakia. If you want to see a lot of Europe it is for sure the best value way of getting around! I hope this helps you a little :)

Reply by Miranda Lopez on September 11, 2013


Well there are few options available in Europe for train travelling like high speed trains, night trains and regional trains. I personally found train travelling in Europe cheaper then other countries as i love travelling to different countries and i mostly travel through trains.

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