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A Year in South America


Posted by rocks123 on August 07, 2013

Hey everyone, I am pretty new to this forum, I am taking a year out next year and planning on spending the majority of it in south America and was looking for some advice on what to do, where to go, how to get around..etc..all advice welcome..cheers

Reply by satoim on August 08, 2013

Complete guide you will get here -


Reply by rocks123 on August 08, 2013

Thanks for your reply but I am looking for personal advice from other users and what they found to be the best places to do, see and stay. There are alot of websites similar to the one you have attached, but I usually prefer to go on the advice of other users.

Sara Kragh

Reply by Sara Kragh on September 11, 2013

If you are going to Colombia I can help you. I live in the capital Bogotá at the moment. I was suppose to be there for 1 month, and after 8 months I am still here.. And I have not seen everything yet! Colombians got the price of being the most friendly people in the world and one of the most happy too, which you feel every easy here.
People who used 2 weeks wished they used a month, people that used a month wished they had gone for 3 months.

Definitely a visit worth, and I have seen many of the things I wanted to see, in this country, that I wanted to see general in South America. Andes mountains, indigoes people and markets, the Amazons, Street art in the capital..

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