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ZERO Customer Service - Don't bother using

Posted by RodBon34 on November 05, 2011

Let me first say that I accept some responsibility for the root issue for my anger. That said, I used to search for economical airfare to Las Vegas from SFO. The site directed me to While I found airfare for $208 on the United, Southwest, and Virgin America sites,I thought the $68 price on Spirit via cheapoair was a good deal. I purchased the non-refundable ticket and was done. Then it occurred to me that I should check the Spirit website and found the exact same ticket for $29!!!!! I immediately contacted cheapoair, reached a representative that was obviously overseas in a certain central Asian location. I explained my concerns, and was transferred to a reservations specialist located in the same country. I immediately realized this organization has ZERO concept of offering fair customer service and that the representatives I spoke with were nothing better than mindless drones that follow a specific script. I asked if they had a similar guarantee program as, and they ducked the question...they obviously do not compare to orbitz, and the best they could offer was a $20 rebate. Better than nothing you might say? In my book, if you're in the customer service business, there's a right way to do things and the wrong way. Was I asking for a refund? Absolutely not, I just wanted them to match what they confirmed as a lower price on the airline website. I would not recommend cheapoair to anyone, including Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Khadaffi, And Madoff.

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