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A week in Puerto Rico

Posted by Geeedavey on March 05, 2011

My wife and I are going to Puerto Rico for a week in April. So far we've just booked the flight. We're in our 50's, pretty active. We're flying into San Juan, and the current plan is to rent a car for the first part of the week, and keep it until we end up back in San Juan. We are not the type that stays on the beach for the whole day. We do like to snorkel.


A. How long should we plan to stay in San Juan?
B. Where else should we go and what should we see?
C. Any recommendations for restaurants would be appreciated.
D. Good place to snorkel.

Thanks for your time.

Reply by samudev on April 20, 2011

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Reply by firemedicjoe on April 21, 2011

San Juan should be two or three days. You should also visit El Yunke( I believe that is how you spell it) it is the rain forest not too far from San Juan. A good place to snorkel not too far from San Juan is Luquillo beach. If you have time venture to the south to Ponce and there is great snorkeling in the mangroves.( I saw a few lion fish... amazing) Hope this helps and hope this is not too late. Let me know if you have any questions.

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